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More Than Scuttlebutt

Dispelling myths, clarifying misinformation in oral traditions through the use of meticulously researched documents, More Than Scuttlebutt covers the engagement of demolition personnel in France and select operations in the Pacific. Highlighted are over 500 photos and numerous figures.

Contributions from over 100 veterans or family members augment the official documentation. The demolitionaires' esprit de corps reminds readers that many of these men were still teenagers when they volunteered for training.

Groups associated with demolition at Ft. Pierce, including the Demolition Research Unit and the Joint Army Navy Experimental Testing Board are explored. Having donated the research to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation, the authors present the names of the more than 4,000 men who served in the various demolition groups throughout WW 2 along with administrative staffs of three training programs, first at Solomons, MD, then at Ft. Pierce, FL and the Navy Combat Demolition Training and Experimental Base on Maui, Territory of Hawaii.

Anyone interested in WWII (World War II) Naval history, including men lost at Normandy, Utah Beach, Southern France, etc needs this book!

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